• The price of a project depends on the nature of the text, the level of specialisation and the deadline. I charge extra for last minute projects that involve working weekends and/or evenings.
  • Discounts are available for large assignments and for long-term collaborations. Prices are open to negotiation for individuals on tight budgets, or certain non-profit organizations.
  • For translation, proofreading and editing I generally calculate the price of a project per word or standard line (55 characters, including spaces). Unless otherwise specified, I count the source text. For projects involving substantial rewriting of the text or for translating charts and diagrams I usually charge an hourly rate.
  • For an estimate, please send me your text, or a sample of your text, with details of your project (deadline, target audience, purpose). I can only give a binding quote after seeing all the material to be translated or edited. There are no hidden costs. VAT is not applicable. There is a minimum charge of £25/35€.
  • I accept payment in GBP or EUR by bank transfer or cheque. I also accept payment (including in USD) via PayPal. Contact me for further details about my rates, methods of payment, and Terms and Conditions.
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